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Arbitirrabble: TARDIS

Author: tarnera
Appearing in this work: Any Doctor really, and of course the TARDIS.
Spoilers/Timeline: None.
Word Count: 129
Summary: So much more than just a ship.
First posted: 6/14/2009 on Livejournal
Disclaimer/Thanks: I own nothing, save my crazy theories. This ficlet was written with the encouragement of fic_rush and was inspired by dragonessa24

She has always been there ever since he 'liberated' her, unchanging and stable. No matter how many other people he brings along with him, willing or unwilling; no matter how much he himself changes. She is the one safe point in his crazy life, his constant companion, his home. He hadn't expected her to stick in this form, but now he's glad. She, and she alone, will never abandon him for another, will never leave him all alone. She will never forget him. She will never change. With her, he doesn't have to hide; he can be himself in a way he never could in front of the others, even Susan. He will never leave her.

The Doctor traveling the universe in the TARDIS. Just as it should be.

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