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Okay I found those bookmarks so here's the image heavy post I promised last time.

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This was originally going to be quite a bit more image-heavy because I was going to post the last six bookmarks from the 12 month bookmark kit all at once, but I lost October, November, December, June, and May. Or, to paraphrase my mother, I put them in a place where they would be safe and not get damaged and now I don't remember where that is. Probably somewhere weird.

But I still have a few pictures )
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I did in fact end up going back and unpicking that one bookmark.

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I actually just moved houses, away from hot-as-the-sun Texas and into... apparently very rainy Wisconsin. It was a heck of a move, but to stave off tension I was doing a few small projects in between packing.

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I wasn't actually going to post again so soon, but I've managed to finish so many things since my last post!

Three finishes under the cut )
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Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything! I've been busy, I guess... anyway.

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Time for a cross stitch update... I've spent a lot of time lately knitting a Doctor Who scarf, so I don't have that much.
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I finally got another one done, huzzah!

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Mar. 22nd, 2015 12:57 pm
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All updates to the Varigation family will take place here: [community profile] family_legacy. I may post about the other families I made if anyone's at all interested in that kind of thing, but it'll probably be mostly about this bunch of losers. And if I play any other games or get tired of this one in the future, they'll all go there, too.

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It's been ages since I posted anything cross stitch-y to this place... but I happened to be talking about it on plurk, and that prompted me to fish out all the projects I've completed (but not backstitched) of late, and all the WIPs I have going.

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Title: Coming to Terms With Life
Author: tarnera
Appearing in this work: Ginko (AU/Mushishi), several members of the Batfam, and Jason Todd (deceased)
Spoilers/Timeline: Character death?
Word Count: 1,588
Summary: Jason Todd dies (again). Ginko has to cope with one of his closest friends dying (again).
Disclaimer/Thanks: I own nothing, save my crazy theories. Also this is part of a larger PSL where Jason Todd and Ginko are lovers, and Ginko is an immortal who can't die. Enjoy!

It's raining in a slow, steady drizzle )
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Something that popped up on plurk the other day, and it was so cute I'm recording all of them here, because the person has already decided to re-private their journal. And also because I don't know what half of these things are I'll be putting their names here, too.
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Get the word out. This is one strike I am definitely participating in.

Want a fight, Hollywood? Well, you have one now.
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...but I see no reason to change my naming scheme or my numbering, since I did the import thing, and therefore have all my entries on here still \o/

So yeah. I guess I'm here now... MAYBE THIS MEANS I WILL USE MY JOURNAL MORE.

Probs not though.

I guess welcome to my journal, if anyone adds me! Hey, it might happen, I've already added someone.

What else... hmm, I need to create a muselist here, eventually, but I've got most of the journals I'm confident I'll get some use out of, which means Romana, Ginko, bb!Ginko, Barnaby, Train Heartnet... and a few that I just like, like Rarity, genderswap!Nami, Franken Stein, and... I'll get the 6th Doctor on here as soon as I decide on a name I like, he comes in useful for trolling purposes.

I'm finally getting around to reading Nabari no Ou! It's good so far, even though I still don't have any idea what's going on XD

Christmas needs to be over with, so I can have my precious privacy and free time back. That is all.
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Just as a head's up, for anyone who actually reads this journal... because of the changes LJ is implementing, I'm switching over to Dreamwidth. Again, I use this so rarely it shouldn't even matter anyway... but yeah.

I'll probably still use this to brag about my cross stitch updates, though :P

I won't be deleting this journal, but I've gotten rid of my rarely-used fanfiction journal. If anyone wanted to read those again, I've put them here
tarnera: (The 10 Doctors)
Author: tarnera
Appearing in this work: Any Doctor really, and of course the TARDIS.
Spoilers/Timeline: None.
Word Count: 129
Summary: So much more than just a ship.
First posted: 6/14/2009 on Livejournal
Disclaimer/Thanks: I own nothing, save my crazy theories. This ficlet was written with the encouragement of fic_rush and was inspired by dragonessa24

She has always been there ever since he 'liberated' her, unchanging and stable. No matter how many other people he brings along with him, willing or unwilling; no matter how much he himself changes. She is the one safe point in his crazy life, his constant companion, his home. He hadn't expected her to stick in this form, but now he's glad. She, and she alone, will never abandon him for another, will never leave him all alone. She will never forget him. She will never change. With her, he doesn't have to hide; he can be himself in a way he never could in front of the others, even Susan. He will never leave her.

The Doctor traveling the universe in the TARDIS. Just as it should be.
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Title: Change
Author: tarnera
Appearing in this work: 10th Doctor
Spoilers/Timeline: This is set just after the Easter Special, Planet of the Dead, and it touches on the events of that special.
Word Count: 481
Summary: Change is hard and no one likes it, but sometimes it's necessary.
First posted: 6/11/2009
Disclaimer: I own nothing, save my crazy theories.

The doors close, shutting out the street )
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Aaah, need to get better at keeping this up... eh, it's better than last time, lol.

A few finishes, two of them rather old...

Msal )

And then the most recent finish...
BoInk )

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And it is December 1st. 23 days until my 25th birthday... what a strange feeling.

Soon I'll be able to rent a car, and now that I am (finally) able to drive that's actually a possibility, lmao.

But my life is a quarter over (assuming I live to 100) and I haven't managed to do much with it. Still working on getting that medical coding certification--I really want to get that so I can move out of this place. My parents are really great (especially for putting up with me this long) but... omg I want to leave so bad.

I really haven't accomplished much, and... I'm not an ambitious person. So I probably never will. I'm ok with that, honestly. Getting a job and living on my own is enough of a goal, preferably far away from my folks. I love them, but I'd love being far away from them more, I think.

Anyway. Need to work harder to get that certification, I've kind of been slacking. Bad, I know, but I plead Thanksgiving. /waves hands/ I'll get it done, I have confidence in myself.

I'm thinking about going to Nashville, TN in January, I've got some friends in the area. Gonna go there for a week, I think, unless something changes. Get out of the house, away from my parents and having to take care of Grandma... by then I'll definitely need the break.

I should probably work more on my cross stitch, too... all my free time has gone to a new show I discovered, Tiger & Bunny. It's fun, like a buddy cop show except with superheroes.

...I never know what to say here anymore, I post all my stream-of-conscience and babbling on Plurk these days.


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