tarnera: (David Tennant - Oral Fixation)
Silver ([personal profile] tarnera) wrote2011-12-24 06:44 pm
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Random Things #106: I guess I should do an intro or something.

...but I see no reason to change my naming scheme or my numbering, since I did the import thing, and therefore have all my entries on here still \o/

So yeah. I guess I'm here now... MAYBE THIS MEANS I WILL USE MY JOURNAL MORE.

Probs not though.

I guess welcome to my journal, if anyone adds me! Hey, it might happen, I've already added someone.

What else... hmm, I need to create a muselist here, eventually, but I've got most of the journals I'm confident I'll get some use out of, which means Romana, Ginko, bb!Ginko, Barnaby, Train Heartnet... and a few that I just like, like Rarity, genderswap!Nami, Franken Stein, and... I'll get the 6th Doctor on here as soon as I decide on a name I like, he comes in useful for trolling purposes.

I'm finally getting around to reading Nabari no Ou! It's good so far, even though I still don't have any idea what's going on XD

Christmas needs to be over with, so I can have my precious privacy and free time back. That is all.

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