tarnera: (Default)
Silver ([personal profile] tarnera) wrote2015-05-30 06:21 pm

WIP Teapots, Frog Pile

Time for a cross stitch update... I've spent a lot of time lately knitting a Doctor Who scarf, so I don't have that much.

I got a lot of work on this one done since the last time I posted about it! All the full stitches and roughly half the back stitch. And then I... actually ran out of black. This kit had a lot of issues with running out of material, I found. I don't know why.

And then I actually started a new one, because I didn't feel like stitching on black to work on the tiger piece. This one's called Friendship Teapots and I really love the design of the first pot I've stitched so far.

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