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Fic: Change

Title: Change
Author: tarnera
Appearing in this work: 10th Doctor
Spoilers/Timeline: This is set just after the Easter Special, Planet of the Dead, and it touches on the events of that special.
Word Count: 481
Summary: Change is hard and no one likes it, but sometimes it's necessary.
First posted: 6/11/2009
Disclaimer: I own nothing, save my crazy theories.

The doors close, shutting out the street and the UNIT soldiers. He walks up the metal walkway, half-heartedly throwing his long tan coat over one of the twisting freeform sculptures along the way, to the console in the middle of the huge room. He looks down at it, the panel in front of him—usually so familiar—looking suddenly foreign with its randomly glowing lights and the hand brake taking the place of something that broke long ago. Touching the hand brake gently, he looks up at this room of wonder and magic, seeing the blue glow and the rich brown-gold coloring. It used to be white, he thinks. I changed it after…

His thought trails off. He thinks about that world he has just come from, full of sand and death. He thinks about the people he has saved—not just this day, but every day he saved someone. He thinks about all the people he's tried to save and couldn't. Then he thinks about all of his lives, all of the companions. All the years he's traveled around, probably more than 1,000 years all told.

"I'm old," he whispers, the sounds echoing slightly in this huge empty room. "I'm old, and I'm tired." The blue column in front of him moves slightly, the TARDIS hearing the sorrow in his voice and responding to it.

He moves his hand off the brake, resting it against the TARDIS column instead. Its smooth glass surface is slightly warm under his hand, but he thinks it would probably feel a bit cool to a human. He rubs his fingers softly over it, drawing comfort from the familiar presence, this entity that has been with him all this long time.

"I wonder…" he says abruptly, "I wonder how old I am now, precisely." But it's only a passing wonder. With Gallifrey gone there's no way to keep track of his exact age, given that he wanders around so much. It's really a bit vain of him to want to know, since only another Time Lord would truly appreciate the difference between 900 and 1,000 anyway.

He runs a hand through his hair, making it stand more on end than it usually does. His long thin fingers reach out, press a button here, tease a dial there. He makes his way around the console with something less than his usual enthusiasm, carefully checking all the read-outs and dials. Finally satisfied, he pulls a lever, feels the TARDIS start to move. He thinks about that woman, what was her name? Ah, yes. Carmen. He thinks about what Carmen said to him, right at the end. "Your song is ending," he murmurs aloud.

And as the TARDIS heads off to a new adventure he's no longer quite so sure he wants to take part in, he whispers very, very softly, "Perhaps it is time for a change…"