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And it is December 1st. 23 days until my 25th birthday... what a strange feeling.

Soon I'll be able to rent a car, and now that I am (finally) able to drive that's actually a possibility, lmao.

But my life is a quarter over (assuming I live to 100) and I haven't managed to do much with it. Still working on getting that medical coding certification--I really want to get that so I can move out of this place. My parents are really great (especially for putting up with me this long) but... omg I want to leave so bad.

I really haven't accomplished much, and... I'm not an ambitious person. So I probably never will. I'm ok with that, honestly. Getting a job and living on my own is enough of a goal, preferably far away from my folks. I love them, but I'd love being far away from them more, I think.

Anyway. Need to work harder to get that certification, I've kind of been slacking. Bad, I know, but I plead Thanksgiving. /waves hands/ I'll get it done, I have confidence in myself.

I'm thinking about going to Nashville, TN in January, I've got some friends in the area. Gonna go there for a week, I think, unless something changes. Get out of the house, away from my parents and having to take care of Grandma... by then I'll definitely need the break.

I should probably work more on my cross stitch, too... all my free time has gone to a new show I discovered, Tiger & Bunny. It's fun, like a buddy cop show except with superheroes.

...I never know what to say here anymore, I post all my stream-of-conscience and babbling on Plurk these days.
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Tomorrow, it's the election--finally. I am so sick of all the campaign ads, of all the disgusting mudslinging on all sides, of getting sucked (or maybe that should be 'suckered') into canvassing and calling people. Never doing that again, god.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I could care less about the election--I'm going to vote, of course, but it's just not that important to me.

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of my grandpa's death.

I'm not exactly sad about his death; I never have been. Sure, I'm sorry he died, but it was so painful watching him fade toward the end, watching the strength and mental prowess he was so proud of being stripped away, slowly. In many ways, I'm grateful he went while he still had some command of his faculties. It would have broken my heart if we'd had to put him in a Home.

It's a strange feeling. Just one year. I can remember typing up a post about his death in the library of SIUE just after learning about it, and to me it feels like it should be much longer, so much has happened to me since then. I've quit gotten out of school, moved to a state more than a day away from my old home, and have been pretty much uprooted from all my friends and familiar places. I still have my online friends, thank goodness (ilu guys), but it's been a little hard at times.

But I finally got a job, which helps tremendously. My parents aren't constantly nagging me to fill out job apps now... tomorrow is my first day. I start at 4:15 in the afternoon. It's a sushi place, very small, with a good atmosphere. I just went shopping for a ton of black shirts and pants, since the dress code is all black stuff. I felt weird putting it up on the check-out counter, like I was going into mourning or something... at least I'll be wearing the appropriate color for tomorrow :)

I hope I'll do well there *crosses fingers*


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